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It’s important to us at Loaf to be good corporate citizens and we believe part of this is being sustainable. Our sustainability policy in a nut shell, is Reduce – Reuse - Recycle


Food waste has by far the biggest carbon footprint of the food supply chain. The carbon footprint of the energy consumed to produce the food is far greater than that used in producing the packaging. As such, our priority is to reduce food waste. We have a number of ways that we do this;

  • Firstly and most importantly, our products are made to order and baked fresh every day.
  • Any surplus product is then donated to Kiwi Harvest who distribute it to those in need.
  • We have a factory shop where we sell, at discounted prices, any excess daily fresh products. We also provide excess product to Loaf staff and various charities.
  • Lastly any product that’s not up to Loaf’s quality are collected by a pig farmer and fed to his very lucky pigs!



We work with our suppliers to buy in bulk with as little packaging as is necessary. We reuse a variety of the packaging our supplies come in and recycle the rest whenever possible. We encourage our suppliers to provide us with recyclable and recycled packaging.


RecycleSoft Plasctis Recycling

When it comes to our products, our packaging policy is As little as possible, as much as necessary.

Our first responsibility is to provide you with a safe product that retains its freshness - this is our priority when it comes to packaging design. If the packaging doesn’t do its job then the food is wasted and has a far bigger carbon footprint.

We are committed to continue to look for the most sustainable packaging. We’re working on having all of our film bio based and biodegradable and all plastics to be able to be recycled through soft plastics recycling.

We’re updating our consumer packaging to ensure we’re making it really clear how to recycle each component.


What can I do?

As we explained, the most important part is to reduce your food waste. So use your loaf and ensure any uneaten product is placed into a resealable container.

To extend products shelf life we recommend storing things like cakes, slices and bread in the fridge.

Pastries, doughnuts and the like are best stored in a dry place.

If you’re not using something straight away then pop it in the freezer.

Of course, our packaging ambitions rely on all of us recycling appropriately so make sure you’re recycling your paper, tins, glass and hard plastics and dropping your soft plastics off at your local collection point.


Some ideas to help you conserve water at home

As Auckland is grappling with its worst water shortage in history, we wanted to share with you some ideas around conserving water at home.

Keep a bucket in the shower and collect your shower water while it’s warming up. We were blown away to collect nearly 10 litres from warming up just one shower! You can then use this water to:

- Water the plants

- Flush the toilet

- Rinse the dishes or run the waste disposal

- Wash the car

You could do the same if you've got a portable dehumidifier or a condensing dryer


Also consider:

- Having an egg timer in the shower to keep to 3 minutes

- Ladies turning shower off while shaving legs or applying conditioner


Any other ideas we’d love to hear them? We’re all in this together!